Status: Complete

A P4P MDZS (魔道祖师) zine focusing on the stages of Lan Wangji’s life, from childhood through adolescence to adulthood, set in canon-verse.

Schedule (2021 -23)

Interest CheckJune 20
Contributor AppsJuly 15 - August 26
Results SentSeptember 9
Creation PeriodSept - Dec 2021
PreordersJan - Feb 2022
ProductionMarch - August
ShippingSept - Feb 2023

Project Moderators

also: finance, production

Application guidelines

General Guidelines- All applicants must be 18+ to apply.
- All writers, page artists, and merch artists must include at least 1 MDZS sample in their application.
- NSFW samples must be labeled with appropriate tags.
- All submitted files and links must be public and accessible to the mods.
- Submissions must be original; plagiarism and art theft will not be tolerated.
- Portfolios are optional and not required.
- Previous zine experience is not required; contributors will be judged solely by their applications.
- 3 required samples total: must include 1 complete & standalone sample
- Maximum word count is 3k per sample
- Samples from longer excerpts should still contain a clear and discernible plot without needing further context.
- Threadfics are not permitted.
- Writers will be judged based on characterization, pacing, grammar, syntax, flow, and their overall ability to tell a complete story within a limited word count.
Page Artists
- 35 samples; at least 1 piece featuring Lan Wangji preferred
- At least one piece must have a detailed background. (Solid colors, gradients, and/or simple graphics do not qualify as backgrounds.)
- Traditional artwork is accepted, as long as it is scanned in high quality with at least 300 DPI.
- Page Artists will be judged based on proportions, anatomy, colors, composition, and perspective.
Merch Artists
- 35 samples; at least 1 sample must be a merch design
- Bonus points for chibi Lan Wangji
- Merch Artists will be judged based on colors, design, and composition.


What is a zine?
A zine (short for fanzine) is an unofficial publication produced by fans. Usually, zines feature work from artists and writers, and may be accompanied with fanmade merchandise as well.
WIll this zine be for profit?
This project will be entirely Pay for Production (P4P), in accordance with MXTX's wishes and JJWXC's policies. Consumers will pay for the base unit cost for production, packing supplies, and shipping cost. The price to cover mod and contributor bundles will also be included in the final buying price.
What are the specifications for this zine?
- physical zine: A5, roughly 130-150 pages
- side NSFW zine, digital PDF
- physical merchandise
What is the theme for this zine?
The focus of this zine will be on the stages of Lan Wangji’s life, from childhood to adolescence to adulthood, set in canon-verse.
Can the zine PDFs be printed for personal use and/or viewing?
For the safety, privacy, and respect of our contributors, we do not allow reproduction of the PDF in any way, shape, or form.
Can I apply for more than one position?
Yes, you may apply to any position(s), but note that you will only be accepted for one.
What are the contributor expectations?
- create pieces according to guidelines set by the mod team.
- be honest about age
- do not share pieces and wips until the mods allow public sharing
- Respect Han Guang-Jun!
- Detailed contributor expectations can be found here.
How many contributors will you be accepting?
We will be looking for 6-10 writers, 4-6 merch artists, and 20-25 page artists.
How will contributors be compensated for their participation?
As this is P4P, we cannot guarantee all contributors a free full bundle at this time, although this would be ideal.
Are ships allowed in this zine?
Due to the canon-verse setting, this zine will only feature Wangxian shipped with each other. However, other ships not involving Wangxian may be allowed as background ships.
Who are the mods for this zine?
The mods for this zine are Cym, Ruixuexe, Shii, Yuyu, Star, and Kim. Feel free to learn more about the mods here.
Have more questions?
Feel free to contact us via DM or email, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


What is the "Respect Zine"?"Respect" is the digital NSFW side companion zine to "Bearer of Light: A LWJ Zine". Due to its NSFW nature, "Respect" will be strictly 18+ only, for contributors and consumers alike.Any minors found to be lying about their age will be kicked from the zine immediately, blocked without compensation, and their pieces removed.Will dark and/or problematic content be allowed?For the application, there will be no content restrictions as long as everything is tagged appropriately.However, for the zine content, the following tropes will NOT be allowed:
- necro
- non-con/dub-con (explicit consensual non-consent play is OK)
- vore, scat, vomit
- knife/blood play
- A/B/O dynamics
- m-preg (trans pregnancy is OK)
- incest
- beastiality
The above list is hardest and will not be permitted in the zine.
Canon-compliant violence and major character death are OK.
What ships will be allowed?
Like our main zine, Wangxian is the only romantic ship allowed with LWJ. Other characters and ships irrelevant to LWJ are permitted, but should not be the central focus of the piece.
Will Genderbend content be allowed?
As this zine is centered around canon-compliant LWJ, Genderbend content is not allowed.
Will trans content be allowed?
Transgender headcanons are allowed, and we ask contributors and consumers to always be respectful and open-minded to each other throughout the process.
Can I print the PDF for myself at home?
For the safety, privacy, and respect of our contributors, we do not allow reproduction of the PDF in any way, shape, or form.